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Funbridge Gift Ideas For Christmas!

Christmas is coming! The traditional Christmas lights are switched on, Christmas trees are found in every house and choirs are going Christmas caroling!
This is the perfect time of the year to treat your loved ones and bridge partners! Thank them for the year spent together or wish them all the best for the coming year with a few gifts!

To help you here are a few ideas of Funbridge gifts:

Gifts for bridge players


Treat your friends with a 1-month or 1-year subscription to Funbridge and continue to challenge them, compare yourself to them and play with themMake progress and improve your strategies together next year!


You can also buy packs of 50 to 1,500 deals as a gift for your friends. This is the perfect gift for someone who plays occasionally!

How to buy a subscription or deals as a gift?

To do so, launch the Funbridge app and go to your friend’s profile. At the bottom you will see the button “Give as a gift”. Click and select the gift. Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email and a notification from Funbridge. Your friend will be informed of your generous gesture by Funbridge.

Brand-new Goto Bridge

Treat your bridge friends with the latest packaged version of Goto Bridge!
They already know the basics and want to progress? Goto Bridge is just what they need!

This new version includes:
– 30 lessons prepared by bridge experts
– 400 exercises
No Internet connection required to play
– Customisable practice
– Corrects your bidding and shows the best card to play

Put the exclusive packaged version of Goto Bridge by ‘Le Bridgeur Editions’ under their Christmas tree!

How to buy Goto Bridge as a gift?

Click here to get in touch with our partner ‘Le Bridgeur’ and order their exclusive packaged version including a collector’s USB stick for PC and Mac.

Gifts for beginners and people unfamiliar with bridge

You want to introduce someone you know to the game of bridge? We have several options for you!

Bridge Package

Have them play in the same conditions as professional players thanks to the bridge package! It offers a selection of top bridge products (table, cloth, bidding box, etc.). The perfect equipment to play bridge with friends at home! Click here to find out more

Gifts for everyone!

Funbridge Merchandise

Your friends can’t wait to start the 2020 bridge season? But have you already seen them with a Funbridge sweater, T-shirt, mug or bag? If not, get them one of the many official merchandise products of their favourite game!
Click here to find out more about the collection

Recommend the app

Last gift idea. Take the holiday season as an opportunity to introduce bridge players and even beginners to Funbridge! The app offers an introductory bridge module and is free to download!

As we approach the end of the year, treat your family and friends, be they familiar with bridge or not, and get into 2020 with people sharing your passion for bridge!