Funbridge app update


This update is compulsory. You have to update Funbridge by downloading its latest version available on the Apple Store (for iPhone and iPad), the Mac AppStore (for Mac), the Google Play Store (for Android devices) or Amazon AppStore (for Amazon devices).

Be among the first to discover these new features below!

“Matchmaking” is a game mode in which Funbridge finds an opponent available to play a challenge against you.
It is represented by the “Find an opponent randomly” button in the “Challenges” window.
Find out more about challenges
img2_enNew visiting card
The visiting card has been completely redesigned. It is thus clearer and easier to read. You will now access your details and those of other players in the blink of an eye!
As a reminder, to open a player’s visiting card, click on his screen name or avatar anywhere in the application.
Find out more about the visiting card
img3Challenge whoever you want!
In this new version, you will be able to challenge the whole Funbridge community. Pit your skills against players from all over the world!
To challenge a player, simply open his visiting card and click on the “Challenge” button.
Find out more about challenges
img4Write to whoever you want!
On top of a brand new design, the chat will enable you to write to all players. This is ideal to chat after a challenge for instance!
To start a conversation with a player, open his visiting card and click on the bubble. Your discussions will then be displayed in the “Messages” window.


We hope that you will like this new version focused on interactivity!
Stay tuned, you will be informed when it will become available.
In the meantime, have fun playing tournaments on Funbridge!


  1. I just want to play as I have done so far. I am not interested in the new update. I have payed for the old one, and now it looks as if I have to pay once more to go on playing, I have payed for 1000 deals. How can I go on using what I have already payed for??
    If I have to pay, I am most unsatisfied as it seems illegal.
    Ulla Teller

  2. I have been playing funbridge for a couple of years and now with your updates I can’t figure how to get the app they say I need. I’m about to go to another bridge site.

  3. I have a kindle & cannot get the new app to download. Also I have about $200 in play time still left on other version that I don’t want to lose. Please give a step by step description as to how to get new app.& keep my credits for games.

    Thank you.

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