Funbridge Anniversary 26-30 January

Funbridge is celebrating its anniversary from 26 to 30 January!

To mark this special event, one Funbridge Points tournament will be available for free every day. And there will be many prizes to win!

200 Diamonds will be up for grabs for each tournament. But that’s not all! Those who participate in the 5 tournaments can try to win an iPad.

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Prizes awarded

Funbridge Points doubled

The amount of Funbridge Points usually awarded will be doubled for the 5 Anniversary tournaments.

Try to win 40 Diamonds per tournament ♦️

For each tournament, 5 players with a score over 50% will be drawn by lot and share 200 Diamonds. 

Try to win an iPad

1 player among those who play all 5 tournaments will be drawn by lot and receive an iPad.

Tournament details

Every day, one Funbridge Points tournament of 6 deals scored by MPs will be available for free.


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