Update: Discover your friends’ new profiles

An updated version of your app has been available for a few days now. Discover its brand-new features including your friends’ new profiles!

Update: discover your friends’ new profiles

Your friends’ profiles have been redesigned

Your friends’ new profiles: ranking, results, conventions played

Discover the new presentation of your friends’ profiles and get easy access to their:

– Rankings: Funbridge Points, average performance, Team Championship…

– Results: in series tournaments (current series, best result, history) and in challenges (wins, draws, losses)

– Conventions: bidding system and card play conventions

Are you a member of a bridge club or federation?

Friends’ new profiles: add your club and federation

You can also enter this information in the new profile and meet members of your bridge club or federation!

Tip: To access the profile of a friend, just tap his/her username anywhere in the app!


You will be asked to update your app next time you launch it if you haven’t installed the new version yet.

Have fun playing tournaments!


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