Free version of GOTO Bridge XV to download!


Download and try the new GOTO Bridge XV for free thanks to the trial version for Windows computers.

5 good reasons to try GOTO Bridge XV

– All game modes with immediate comparison on each deal

– Suggestion of corrections to your bids and card play

– A software programme easy to use and extremely clear

– Lessons and exercises on bids and card play to excel in all game areas

– Bridge bidding systems most commonly used in the world: SAYC, ACOL, French 5-card major and Polish system. You will also be able to create your own free profile.


This year, the 15th version of our famous bridge game includes the new correction mode:

– Suggests corrections to your bids during bidding

– Highlights your card play mistakes

– Tells you which cards you should have played to take more tricks

 This is the ideal tool to progress!



  1. Your server seems to be very slow today.

    Play of the hand is normal speed, but in between hands, there are long waits for data.

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