Get 14 deals for free every week!

You have used up your credit of deals and you now have to wait 7 days until you can get another 10 deals for free on Funbridge. Quite long, right? ⏱️

Good news! Log in to Funbridge every day and you will now get 2 deals for free. You can play them straight away or save them for later. And there’s no limit!


You log in to Funbridge today and click on the “Gift” picture 🎁 on the top of the screen. 2 free deals are automatically credited to your account.

2 free deals

You can play them straight away or later if you prefer saving more deals before using them.

ipad funbridge English

You got it! By logging in to Funbridge every day, you will now receive 14 deals for free a week instead of previously 10! And you can save an unlimited number of free deals even if your remaining credit is not 0. 🥳

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