Expand your bridge knowledge!

Locked down and going crazy?

Why not dive into a good bridge e-book? Here are the latest e-books releases, allowing you to expand your bridge knowledge easily from home. Read four excerpts for free!

Bridge Cardplay: An Easy Guide series

52 pages – PDF format – $5.99 $4.49 USD in April

Your success is limited without a sound understanding of the basic techniques of cardplay. In this series, two of the game’s top writers explain clearly the various cardplay skills that you will need. Every book contains 6 chapters – each ending with a short quiz.

1 Finessing

2 Ruffing Losers

3 Discarding Losers

Coming Back To Bridge

112 pages – digital format – $7.99 $5.99 USD in April

A lot of bridge players learned the game when they were younger but while they would like to start playing again, they are nervous about how much the game may have changed.

This book summarizes the key changes that someone who has not played for many years will encounter and explains simply what they will need to know to be comfortable in the modern game.