Exclusive! Discover the brand-new GOTO Bridge XVI!


Today on the Funbridge blog, we are happy to offer you the opportunity to be among the first to discover and order the brand-new GOTO Bridge XVI! All you need is to visit our website www.gotobridge.com!

As in previous years, you have the choice between two versions (content is exactly the same):
– A packaged version on a Collector’s Edition USB stick at US$99.00, in pre-order (dispatched from 19 November 2015)
– A download version at US$89.00, available immediately!

So don’t wait any longer!

New features of GOTO Bridge XVI

  • New “Challenge Argine” game mode: will you score better than the game engine?
  • Analyses the way you play (bidding and card play) at the end of the deal
  • Displays the par and the contracts most often played on a deal
  • 500 new quizzes
  • 10,000 new deals with immediate comparison
  • New bridge lessons (on bidding and card play) with exercises
  • Latest version of the “Argine” game engine including card play signals
  • New redesigned interface
  • Import your deals and replay them from any hand
  • Print deals, bidding boards, tricks and other comments
  • Pit yourself against the French Women’s World Champions on the deals from the 2014 and 2015 World Championships
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Visit our new website www.gotobridge.com without further ado!


  1. I have a number of comments about Funbridge. I enjoy using your website but would appreciate explanation the opportunity to comment. Here are a few:

    1. There should be an explanations about the practice play.
    What is the basis of the game? Why can’t we show the bridge type in the settings or some other place?. I play standard American bridge. My teachers have never heard of ” Sputnick” or “Roudi” conventions and want 12 or 13 points for an opening bid not 11.
    The best hand is not biddable often. For example: one example is when the best hand is not available – neither hand had an openlng bid but they had each four spades,
    I have just played a hand in which 4 clubs were bid by East over 3 hearts by South. Bidding 4 Hearts would not have made it and wasn’t evaluated. I then tried to report the problem, but the options were too limited, and didn’t allow for a comment.

    Thank you for the opportunity of making these comments.

    John Tessier

  2. Thid game stinks. If EW wins the auction, it knows exactly where all the cards are.
    Finessing a 7 and winning the trick every time.
    This certainly is not bridge

  3. You use to offer a whole year subscription at a discount. I haven’t see such an offer lately so I’ve been buying month by month.

    Thinking about skipping a few months. Wondering when you might have 20% off our yearly fee again? Please reply.

    Loyal customer up to now for approximately 2 years.


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