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Earn 10 times more Funbridge Points

You know Funbridge Points? They allow you to get ranked and see how you compare with all Funbridge players! You can earn Funbridge Points by playing two types of tournaments: Funbridge Points tournaments and any federation tournaments.
We have decided to change the formula used to calculate the points awarded for these tournaments. All the details are below.

Why is the calculation formula changing?

In order not to treat players who don’t participate in federation tournaments less favourably, we have decided to improve it. From 1 June, you will get 10 times more points.

The new formula is:

10 x (2 x (no. players + 1 – rank) / log10(rank + 2))

How to play Funbridge Points tournaments?

You want to participate in Funbridge Points tournaments and compare yourself to all players?

On the main screen of the app, tap :

Play a tournament > Federation Tournaments > Funbridge Points

Have fun playing tournaments on Funbridge!