Each his own philosophy

Bridge article Each is own philosophy by Michel Bessis

The person sitting in the South seat is known for producing very few bids. Actually, he passes nearly all the time.

Here are eight hands he passed with. Would you have done the same?

Hand #1

South is absolutely right. It is out of the question to freely bid 1NT without a Spade stopper because that could lead to playing 3 No-Trump from the wrong side if North had, for instance, the doubleton Spade King and 18 points.

A negative double would not be justified either. To double with only three cards in Hearts, he would have to have Spade shortness (to ruff in the short hand if North raises Hearts).

Hand #2

All vulnerable.

South is again right… at least in France, where a systematic support double with three cards in responder’s major is not the classic system. To double, some extras coming from distribution are required if opener has a minimum hand.

When it comes to bidding 1NT, one can’t say it would be an atrocity, but it is certainly not very clever to want to play in offense at any cost when partner can have a very weak hand. So, wait and see…

Hand #3

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