Discover The Bridge World, the world’s leading bridge magazine.

Founded in 1929 by Ely Culbertson, The Bridge World is widely considered to be the world’s leading bridge magazine. For ninety years, The Bridge World has been the world’s authority on the game, where every important bridge analyst in the history of the game has contributed, and virtually every new advance, development, and system in the history of the game has first appeared in its pages. The Bridge World is published monthly (12 issues per year) and is the world’s oldest continuously-published bridge magazine.

Every monthly issue of The Bridge World is filled with articles, stories, tips, quizzes, examples, tournament reports, and much more to help bridge players improve their understanding and appreciation of the game: from bidding, defense, and declarer play, to the latest cutting-edge methods and systems, and discussion of hot topics in the world of bridge. Every issue includes several features where readers can interact, participate or compete.

The magazine is geared towards serious players of all skill levels, from intermediate to expert. It is an invaluable learning resource for any player who wishes to improve their game. The Bridge World is dedicated to helping readers understand the game more thoroughly, and become a smarter player. The focus is on teaching using common sense and useful thought patterns, as opposed to memorization and complex rules. Readers will improve their bridge game by improving “bridge thinking” and not through rote learning. The magazine’s goals are:

  • To help you to become a better bridge player, and a better partner;
  • To prepare you to succeed at the table and win more;
  • To increase your understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the game;
  • To entertain you and to challenge you.

The magazine’s editorial staff includes Jeff Rubens, Phillip Alder, Kit Woolsey, Michael Becker, David Berkowitz, Augie Boehm, Bart Bramley, Larry Cohen, Mark Feldman, Fred Gitelman, Eddie Kantar, Danny Kleinman, Ron Klinger, Eric Kokish, Beverly Kraft and Bobby Wolff.

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