15% off Diamonds until 22 May!

Fill up your account with Diamonds at a discount price: 15% off packs of Diamonds until Saturday 22 May 2021! Diamonds is the name given to the virtual currency used on Funbridge. With Diamonds, you can play:

Special tournaments

… such as the Ambassadors’ tournament held on Funbridge from Saturday 22 May 2021!

Federation tournaments

Play official tournaments licensed by NBOs and earn federation points while moving up your national rankings.

Funbridge Points tournaments

Such as the Happy Hours tournament, Zia Mahmood’s tournament…

New: Enjoy playing multiplayer game modes on Funbridge!

Go to the homepage of your Funbridge app* and play solo or with your partner against other real players at a virtual table!

*You can’t see the multiplayer modes? Update your app if you are using a smartphone or a tablet and log in to our online version for web browsers if you are using a computer.