Discover Diamonds ♦️, Funbridge new virtual currency!

Discover Diamonds ♦️!

Diamonds ♦️ are the new virtual currency on Funbridge and will soon replace all credits for federation tournaments.

Diamonds, the new virtual currency

Why a virtual currency?

Funbridge is now the partner of 13 national bridge federations and as such is licensed to held official federation tournaments allowing you to move up your national rankings.

Today you need specific credits for each federation to play these tournaments. Tomorrow, thanks to Diamonds ♦️, you will be able to take part in any federation tournament without worrying about having the right credits or not.

As you can see, Diamonds ♦️ will make your life easier! ✌️

When will they become available?

During the week of 21 October via an update of your Funbridge app.
You will receive a notification in the app.

What about the federation credits you still have?

All your federation credits will be automatically converted into Diamonds ♦️. Of course, they will enable you to play the same number of federation tournaments. 😉


You currently have 5 credits for federation A tournaments and 2 credits for federation B tournaments.

Assuming that one federation A tournament is worth 20♦️ and one federation B tournament is worth 30♦️, you will receive a total of: (5×20) + (2×30) = 160♦️.

Does it mean that federation tournaments won’t cost the same in Diamonds ♦️?

No, they won’t… And this is already the case with current credits. The price of a federation tournament is set in agreement with the partner federation.

Have fun playing tournaments!
Team Funbridge.


  1. When I saw “Fun Bridge” via Google, I believed that it was just a fun game for lerners to familiarize themselves with the bridge. Not so. I can see now that this is a truly commercial site for very serious bridge players with a competitive edge. And when I saw that virtual money was at stake I thought “Bit Coin, I am not getting involved in that” I am sure that it is a good site but not for learners or the faint hearted. Thanks but No Thanks.

  2. Why isn’t there more free fun bridge? Sell adverts, like Facebook and daily mail, etc to earn revenue instead of making player pay to play bridge on funbridge.

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