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Artificial Intelligence bridge

No matter how old you are when you first sit down at the bridge table, the learning process that follows lasts a lifetime. That’s the beauty of the king of card games: behind the simple rules you have an exciting complexity stretching out in front of you. Even the greatest champions never stop learning. And that is precisely what makes them champions.

Funbridge understands this and offers to activate the fast-forward mode for your learning. Oh sure, you’ll never finish learning, but thanks to the tools we provide, your progress will really shift up a gear.

Boost your bridge level

Learning bridge: from theory to practice

Taking lessons, reading books, studying deal analyses by experts or playing commented deals over and over again… All these methods have their virtues and are an important part of the bridge player’s toolkit. But when the time comes to practise, you don’t have a champion to whisper in your ear that two more tricks were possible in spades, if only you had led another suit. Unless?

On Funbridge, it’s not a champion who whispers in your ear, but a true concentrate of artificial intelligence, the result of our hard work. After all, we’ve been playing bridge for almost 30 years… 24 hours a day.

Comparison with your opponents

In all Funbridge single-player modes, the analysis of your games starts as soon as the last card has been played, via powerful comparison tools:

Your ranking as well as your result (MP or IMP) allow you to see how you compare with your opponents first.

The most played contracts show you the most common results. This way, you are not distracted by fanciful contracts, which sometimes give way to spectacular coups but when they are made, it is often the result of a happy combination of circumstances.

The analysis of the card play shows you how many tricks were taken by the opponents who played in the same trump suit as you. Whether you chose the best strain or not, you will find out if your plan was optimal for card play.

Analysis of your bids

To analyse your bids, Argine, our artificial intelligence, enters the ring. She is your partner in all Funbridge single-player modes and will tell you if any of your bids are inconsistent with the conventions you have chosen to play.

Argine Funbridge Artificial Intelligence

When Argine points out an error, she is indicating a difference between the cards or points you showed and what you actually had in your hand. Don’t take offence at its reprimands! It’s up to you to determine the impact of this approximation on the rest of the deal. After all, rules are sometimes meant to be broken.

However, if you feel that her feedback is wrong, it may be time to check the bidding system you have chosen in the Funbridge settings. A good relationship with your partner is the basis of the game!

Maximum contract and detailed analysis: the winning pair

Let us come now to the two lethal weapons: the maximum contract and the detailed analysis. These are the two latest additions to the game to help you make progress:

The maximum contract is a classic, it shows you the best available contract for North/South without East/West being able to beat it. The big news is that it is now possible for our Premium+ members to display all the makeable contracts in each suit and for each player! This means that you can instantly see if you could have made more tricks in the suit of the contract. Now the question is how to take those missing tricks. Fortunately, we have slipped a trump card up your sleeve…

With detailed analysis, Premium+ players won’t miss a trick again. This analysis takes full advantage of our artificial intelligence to detect your card play mistakes with surgical precision. You have to see it to believe it: Argine tells you at which trick you played the wrong card, how many tricks you let go and which other cards would have kept you afloat!

Try the new tools now!

Premium+ Funbridge

Maximum contract and detailed analysis features show how our Premium+ membership can take your game to new heights. Discover all the advantages of this plan, dedicated to those whose passion for bridge knows no limits.

Check out what our ambassadors thought of it

“In my opinion, the detailed deal analysis is a very useful feature, even for the most experienced players. It is sometimes difficult to analyse everything during the game. The detailed analysis even helps us to understand Argine a bit better!”

Milan Macura

Milan Macura
Dominique Fonteneau

“Argine explains to us from his point of view the mistakes made during the game. They are pointed out at the end of each deal. Argine is smart, she will soon detect mistakes faster than I do!”

Dominique Fonteneau

Give us your opinion!

“What do you think of the analysis of your games on Funbridge? Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Tell us all about it in the comments! Our team has been working hard to provide you with a complete learning experience and we sincerely hope that it will match your passion!”

Boris Plays
Boris Plays
Product manager


  1. Bonjour je suis en train de tester cette nouvelle version de Funbridge Premium+ et je voudrais savoir si il est prévu d‘ajouter la possibilité de se constituer soi-même une bibliotèque de donnes rencontrés au fil du temps sur FunbrIdge. Je suis d‘avis que cela serait une des meilleurs clefs pour progresser.

    • Bonjour Jean-Michel, vous êtes déjà le deuxième en quelques jours à nous soumettre cette idée ! Nous prenons donc cette suggestion très au sérieux. Pourquoi pas ajouter en fin de donne un bouton pour sauvegarder une donne dans une bibliothèque personnelle et ainsi pouvoir la retrouver et la rejouer plus tard ? Nous allons y réfléchir, merci !

  2. The “Maximum Contract” shows the traditional Double-Dummy analysis. I think it would also be interesting to see some sort of “Single-Dummy” analysis. Perhaps this could be done by Argine playing itself and seeing what contract is achieved in both the bidding and the play. For example, we might see that everyone, including Argine, gets to a 6D contract and, although it may be makeable double dummy, all/most players as well as Argine go down because the double dummy line is not actually the best single dummy line. This can be done currently if you replay the hand and look at Argine’s recommendation for each bid and the play of each card but this takes a lot of time. I think the only issue with this suggestion is that there will be some variation of the contract due to whatever bidding system is used. Perhaps there is a “standard” 2/1 system that could be used.

    • Hey, we are working on something close to your suggestion. We’ve noticed that the detailed analysis (the one that points out mistakes in your card play) can be misleading because it’s a double-dummy analysis and therefore it sometimes points out mistakes that aren’t really mistakes: moves that certainly lose tricks but were the most logical ones given the probabilities. We will correct this by asking Argine what she would have played in your place for each error, with your bidding and card conventions. If she too would have made a similar mistake, it means that the chosen line of play was in fact quite good and therefore what was previously reported as a mistake will now be reported as a theoretical optimisation. This may make it easier for you to see if the maximum contract in double-dummy was reasonably achievable. This update should arrive towards the end of August.

  3. When are you going to revert the Challenges format back to the previous one? The new changes are a disaster…. I have communicated with Funbridge friends all over the world. It’s the same in many countries: the VERY large majority dislike the new version intensely. Give the programmers something else to do instead of spoiling a (previously) good thing. PLEASE!!!

  4. Any plans of adding Dubbel-Dummy analyses of every deal and not just the total contract possible?
    And is there any transperancy on development of the troubles and errors with Argine?

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