What happened on Funbridge in August? Find out more here!

The Funbridge newsletter of August is here! It includes:

– Re(discover) series tournaments and compare yourself with bridge players of your level
– Very soon: learn how to play bridge on Funbridge
– The results of Wujiang World Youth Bridge Team Championships
– The latest videos of Milan Macura playing against Argine
– The deal analysis by Jérôme Rombaut

In last month’s newsletter (click here to read), we had invited you to hold your own tournaments thanks to “exclusive tournaments”.

This month, we invite you to re(discover) a game mode allowing you to compare yourself with bridge players of your level: series tournaments.

Compare yourself to bridge players of your level with series tournaments

Series tournaments allow you to play fast (4 deals) and compare yourself with bridge players of your level.

You start in the “New” series. Then you enter a series that matches your results and level: it goes from series 11 (the lowest one) to the Elite series (the top one).

Again, based on your results, twice a month, you are promoted, relegated or you secure your place in your series.

Are you curious to know which series you could reach?

Go to Play a tournament > Series tournaments.

Other news

Learn how to play bridge with the introductory moduleComing soon: take up bridge with Funbridge!

Our introductory module allowing you to learn the basics of bridge through lessons and exercises will become available very soon!

We rely on you to share the good news with those who think that bridge is too complicated. Thanks to this module, playing their first deals will be easy-peasy.

Stay tuned! We will keep you posted.

Wujiang 2018 : les résultatsA look back over Wujiang World Youth Bridge Team Championships

The 17th edition of the World Youth Bridge Team Championships took place in Wujiang, China from 8th to 18th August.

Bridge champion Jérôme Rombaut, who is a member of the Funbridge Team, attended the event to encourage his son who was playing with France in the Kids category (he won the silver medal) and also to surpervise live broadcasts of matches on Funbridge Live.

Click here to find out more about his impressions of the competition (results, photos and videos).

Learn how to play bridge with these deal analysisThe latest deal analyses by Milan Macura
The latest videos featuring challenges between Milan Macura and Funbridge AI “Argine” are now online! Click here to watch.As you may know, Milan and his friend Christophe Grosset have created an exclusive tournament that you can enter until 23/08. 1,200 people have already participated! It is your turn to play and compare yourself to champions! All you have to do is go to Practice > Exclusive tournaments in the app and search the “Funbridge: Milan & Christophe” tournament.

The article by Jérôme Rombaut

Every two months, 2017 World Vice-Champion and member of the Funbridge Team Jérôme Rombaut analyses an interesting deal in an issue of the well-known magazine “Le Bridgeur“.

This month, he has chosen a deal from the 2017 Biarritz International Bridge Festival.

Click here to read his article entitled “Help with lines of play”.


Have fun playing tournaments!