Christmas Tournament on 24-25 December

Christmas tournament on Funbridge

Funbridge is running a special tournament for Christmas 🎉 Make the most of this special time of year! Relax and entertain yourself with this event. And try to win hundreds of Diamonds! ♦️

How to participate in our Christmas tournament?

The Christmas tournament is a Funbridge Points tournament of 10 deals scored by MPs.

It will start at 00:00 (UTC+1) on 24 December and will end at 00:00 on 25 December 2022.

The entry fee is 20 Diamonds.

How to win prizes?

Reach the top 3

Give your best and climb up the top steps of the podium:

1st: 400 Diamonds
2nd: 300 Diamonds
3rd: 100 Diamonds

Bet on your luck

If you are lucky, don’t miss this event! We will award 50 Diamonds to 10 players chosen at random from among the participants a few days after the tournament.


  1. Hello, I am Saturnina, unfortunately I cannot play the funbridge tournaments because twice I started playing and when I wanted to follow playing the 3rd hand the label Next hand did not appear

    • Had this problem update to latest version also don’t use safari browser seems to give issues I switched to another browser and prob went away

  2. I’m wondering if the players that always get 96% or so could pick the wining numbers to a few lotteries for me such outstanding brilliance is to be admired perhaps Funbridge could honour these players in some way other than of course giving them a bunch of free diamonds for wining tournaments that offer a Prise us mere mortals are obviously jealous. Sad however these players are all new having played only a few hands perhaps they must always change their identity so science does not lock them up to study their brains

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