Play new CBAI tournaments!

We are pleased to announce that CBAI (Contract Bridge Association of Ireland) is now a partner of Funbridge. As part of this new collaboration, Funbridge is licensed to run CBAI tournaments!

These tournaments will allow participants to move up the CBAI rankings thanks to Local Masterpoints awarded at the end of each tournament (provided that the participant is a member of the NBO).

And since good news never comes alone, these new tournaments will be free on weekdays until 15 March 2021!

How to play?

These tournaments are already available in your app. Register now for the first tournament scheduled on 15 February!

All you have to do is go to:

Play a tournament > Federation tournaments > Ireland – Local Masterpoints

If you can’t find the tournaments, update your app.

CBAI tournaments in details

  • 12 deals
  • 1 daily tournament scored by IMPs on Tuesday & Friday, scored by MPs on other weekdays
  • Entry fee: 30 Diamonds (free on Monday-Friday until 15 March 2021!)


The new CBAI tournaments will be available on smartphones and tablets as well as in the version for web browsers on computers.

As is already the case with the latest new features, these new tournaments won’t be included in the downloadable version of Funbridge for PC and Mac. Please follow this link from your computer.

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  1. No matter what I do Funbridge will not let me play, my hand comes up but I can’t bid. Happens all the time.after hours it will let me buy them like today not at all.

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