Bridge problem: There is no use in bidding, you need to play (well)

Bridge problem

An illustrious bridge champion and well-known journalist, Jean-Paul Meyer was one of the “greats” of the bridge world. With this bridge problem, rediscover the expertise of a player who left a lasting impact on people’s memories.

Your hand sitting South


Dealer South. North-South vulnerable.

Card play

Lead: ♠K.

When this deal was displayed on the screen in the National Trials, kibitzers, understandably, thought that the difficult part for North-South was to reach this excellent slam. De facto 6♦ was only bid at two tables out of seven. The ♠ lead is won with the Ace and a ♥ is played to the Queen, making the trick.

What did Marc Bompis, the only one who made his contract, do next?


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