Beginners only tournament on 22 September

Beginners Tournament: 9 September

Join our Beginners tournament on 22 September 2023! This tournament presents an exciting chance for those new to the game of bridge or for those who wish to develop their skills.

The tournament is exclusively open to players whose average performance is 50% or below, as this guarantees that all participants have a fair and equal chance to compete. 💪🏻

You will have the chance to make new acquaintances and experience the excitement of the competition in an enjoyable and supportive setting. Get ready to have a great time!

Tournament details:

Friday 22 September 06:00 (UTC+2)- Saturday 23 September 06:00 (UTC+1)
Funbridge Points tournament
10 deals per game
• Scored by MPs
Average performance below 50% required
• Entry fee: 20 Diamonds

Prizes up for grabs:

Beginners Tournament: 9 September

Surpass yourself

Step onto the podium and grab the following prizes:

1st: 150 Diamonds
2nd 100 Diamonds
3rd: 50 Diamonds

Beginners Tournament: 9 September

Push your limits further up

This tournament has been designed to help you excel yourself. This is why any player finishing with a score above 60% will receive 25 Diamonds

Beginners Tournament: 9 September

Believe in yourself

To encourage you to persevere, 5 tournament participants will be drawn by lot and will get 25 Diamonds.

Your questions, our answers!

Who can play this tournament?

The Funbridge Points tournament for beginners is only open to players whose average performance doesn’t exceed 50%. To find out more about your average performance and how it is calculated, read our FAQ.

Why play this tournament?

In this tournament for beginners, you will challenge players of your level only, which means that you are more likely to win your games. And since only less experienced bridge players can register, your chances of winning a prize increase too.

How to play this tournament?

It can be found in the list of Funbridge Points tournaments. You can pre-register or register and play on the same day. Funbridge will automatically check that your average performance is not above the threshold set for the event.


    • This is my first Funbridge tournament. How do I post my convention card, if needed?

      If not, how do I find out what conventions Argine uses?



    • I wish you all the best for your first tournament, and I hope it’s the beginning of many more to come!

      Funbridge Team

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