Ambassadors’ tournament results

Last week you had the opportunity to pit yourself against our Ambassadors Zia Mahmood, Dominique Fonteneau, Milan Macura, Tom Drijver and Jérôme Rombaut in the Ambassadors’ tournament.

Many Funbridge players took on the challenge! 2,268 players tried to perform better than our five champions and reach the top of the rankings.

Congratulations to all participants and champions!

Overall Rankings

With an average score of 79.10% in the final of the Ambassadors’ tournament, the big winner is Miketyd! Liv300001 and Geteo92210, complete the podium. 👏👏

Ambassadors’ Results

Among the Ambassadors, Dominique Fonteneau finishes top, with Milan Macura and Zia Mahmood in second and third places respectively.

7 players managed to overtake them in the rankings. Well done!

To find out more about the full rankings of the Ambassadors’ tournament, go to Funbridge:

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