Ambassadors’ tournament: Milan Macura

For the first time in the history of Funbridge, five professional bridge players known as the “Funbridge Ambassadors” will be joining you in the Ambassadors’ tournament from 22 to 30 May 2021!

Find out more about the fourth ambassador, Milan Macura

How do you prepare for a tournament?

The most important is to be rested. Good sleep and drinking enough water is essential to focus on 100%. 

How do you deal with stress and pressure?

I am not stressing much anymore and the tournament pressure pushes me to perform even better. Yes, I am lucky to have this skill. I believe that dealing with stress and pressure is forming up during growing up and that parents have a big influence on it. But, everything can be trained and experience plays a big role to master this skill. 

What is your best memory from a tournament?

The nicest moment of my bridge career was playing against the top Dutch team in the semifinals of the 1st World Youth Congress. We were down by 30 IMPs after the first segment and we had only 16 boards to win against multiple European and World Champions. I felt the adrenalin till the last board where I had to make the best lead to keep the partscore contract without overtricks. Guess what? We won by 1 IMP and after that the whole Championships 

Milan’s tournaments

Every week bridge champion Milan Macura will organise two Funbridge Points tournaments of 10 deals scored by MPs. At the end of each tournament, 10 players will be drawn by lot and will receive 50 Diamonds, i.e. 10 times the entry fee! Milan Macura will also debrief about the deals played in a live broadcast on Funbridge’s YouTube channel or his own.

How to track the Milan Macura progress? 

1. Follow Milan Macura using your Funbridge account 

  • Click “Friends” on the homescreen 
  • Click “Search”
  • Type in the ambassador’s usernameMilan Macura
  • Click on his Funbridge profile to access it
  • Once you are in the ambassador’s profile, click “Follow” 🔍

2. Filter the tournament rankings

In the general rankings of the tournament, select the filter “Friends” to display your friends and Milan Macura you are following only. This will allow you to see how you compare with the champion at any time.

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  1. I qualified for the final. I’ve played four tournaments. I understood that I could play 8. I’m sitting down, ready to play the final four with 6 deals each. How do I do that?

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