A new Funbridge version is available

This version is a test version; this means that:

  • You will be among the first to try it, and the first to let us know what you think about it.
  • You will find in it all the Funbridge2 current features and some new features.
  • Your opinion will enable us to fine tune this version before officially releasing it.
  • Once this version installed on your computer, you will have two Funbridge software installed, with two distinctive shortcut icons. If the new release is not convenient to you, you will always have the option to use the current one.

What is new with this version?

  • A redesigned game table, with larger cards and bidding cards.
  • Choice between two interfaces: orange as the current one and a “steel blue” that is clearer, more readable.
  • New option at the table: take back a played card (undo) and requested suit pre selection (no more click error).
  • Option to disable the Open Tournaments alerts.
  • And the possibility for anyone to create Open Tournaments without mandatory pre-registration and not counting for the ELO ranking.

How to benefit first from this new version and give us your opinion?

  • To test it, click this link, upload and install this version.
  • To let us know what you think, you comment it on the forum here

If you are experiencing problems or would like to leave us comments, don’t be shy, send us a message from : http://www.funbridge.com/uk/hotline.asp.


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