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Following the success of the first version of Funbridge Quiz (over 9,000 downloads) and your numerous requests, the Funbridge Team is proud and glad to present you Funbridge Quiz 2, available now!

Come and test your level of bridge thanks to 500 new quizzes
broken into the following themes:

1 Find the right bid
Which bid are you going to make on this sequence?
2 Find the right hand
Find the only hand matching the auction displayed.
3 Forcing or non-forcing?
Is the last bid made by North forcing?
4 Find the right lead
In defence, choose the right lead after having carefully analysed the auction.
5 Defence play
You are in defence and you now have to follow with the right card.
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Track your progress day after day in the different themes.
Correction of mistakes
Funbridge Quiz gives you the detailed answer to each quiz.
A glossary
Look up all essential bridge terms.


Funbridge Quiz is available on iOS and Android
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We remind you that we will offer you 50 free deals on your Funbridge account for any purchase of the Funbridge Quiz (1 or 2) application!

Have fun with Funbridge Quiz!

The Funbridge Team.

Bridge conventions in Funbridge Quiz:
For Funbridge Quiz, we use the most standard bridge rules.
For bidding, we use a classic SAYC system without any special conventions, but with all the basic ones: Stayman, Transfers, Negative Double, Roudi, Blackwood. The 2C opening bid will be strong, the 2D opening bid will be game forcing, and the 2H and 2S opening bids will be preempts.
The 1NT opening range will be 15-17 points.
For card play, leads will be Even/Odd in a Trump contract, 4th Best in a No Trump contract and of course, top of a sequence whenever possible.

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