2016 Team Championship: results of Quarter 2


Please note that the Team Championship is only available on Funbridge for Windows computers.

Quarter 2 of the 2016 Team Championship ended on 30 June. Discover the overall rankings per division below, before the beginning of the third and penultimate quarter.

Extract from general ranking per division

1 – Poland 5
2 – Normale
3 – Les six compagnons
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1 – Sledge Hammers
2 – Just for fun
3- La horde sauvage
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1 – BridgeFanatics
2 – Clan McLeod
3 – Bridge Passion
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1 – Lou landes
2 – Venezuela for ever
3 – Chalon
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The 3rd and penultimate quarter will start tomorrow, Friday 8 July and close on Thursday 15 Septembre 2016. It will include 10 rounds with IMP scoring system.

You still can:
Create your team and take part in the 2016 Championship.
Manage your team if you want to make changes.
Join one of the 287 incomplete teams.
Learn more about Quarter 4 detailed rules.

2016 Team Championship general principles

– The Championship is divided into 4 quarters (see schedule).
– Each quarter consists of 10 rounds which are themselves split into 5 tournaments of 20 deals.
– Teams are broken down into 4 divisions.
– At the end of each quarter, they are likely to go up or down.
– The team finishing first in Division 1 at the end of the year, i.e. at the end of Quarter 4, will become the 2016 Champion Team.

Enjoy the Championship!

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