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NBF Tournaments

What is a NBF Masterpoints tournament?

This is an official tournament run in partnership with the Norwegian Bridge Federation.
NBF tournaments allow participants to increase their federation rank thanks to the official points (Masterpoints) awarded at the end of each tournament (provided that the participant is a member of the federation).

Can I take part in NBF Masterpoints tournaments if I am not a NBF member?

Yes, these tournaments are open to everyone.

What are the "Funbridge Points" awarded at the end of each tournament for?

For each federation tournament played, you earn Funbridge Points on top of those awarded by the federation.
They allow you to join the Funbridge Points rankings which is perfect to see how you compare to the whole community of Funbridge players.

What is a "Funbridge Points tournament"?

This is a tournament allowing you to earn Funbridge Points only.

What are the features of NBF tournaments (frequency, rankings, number of deals)?

  • Standard tournaments of 20 deals
  • Monday 02:00 (UTC+1)-Friday 02:00
  • Saturday 02:00-Sunday 02:00
  • Standard tournaments of 12 deals
  • Tuesday 03:00-Thursday 03:00
  • Friday 03:00-Saturday 03:00
  • Sunday 03:00-Monday 03:00
  • Scored by MPs

What is the entry fee?

Each federation tournament costs a certain amount of Diamonds ♦️ (Funbridge virtual currency). Packs of Diamonds are available in our online shop and from the federation tournaments homescreen.

Why aren't other players' results displayed?

At the end of the deal, players have only access to their own result on the deal, i.e. contract played, result, score and rank.
Other players' results are displayed only when the tournament is over.

How are the deals of a tournament dealt?

The number of deals generated for a tournament is higher than the number of deals played so that all players won't play the same deals and not in the same order.

Are non-played deals included in the score displayed?

The average displayed takes into account results on deals played. Only played deals are taken into account. Any non-played deal at the end of the tournament will get a score of 0%.

How are Masterpoints awarded?

Masterpoints are awarded based on the following principle agreed by the NBF:
  • The winner wins a number of points equal to 1.5 times the number of participants.
  • The next players win the number of points earned by the player preceding them multiplied by:
  • The minimum between (player's rank / (player's rank + 1)) and (maximum between 2/3 and exp( (log (4/preceding player's points)) / ((number of players / 3) - player's rank + 1)).
  • At the end of the tournament, all points are divided by two and rounded up.

What is an "instant tournament"?

Instant tournaments are available for some federation tournaments only.
These are past tournaments that are given a second life and for which results are already known. So players have their scores compared against others and know how many points awarded by the federation involved they have won immediately after playing.
These tournaments are only available to players who have not played them yet.

  • Tournaments available at any time
  • Ranking known immediately after playing
  • Large number of participants per tournament guaranteed
  • Unlimited tournaments