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It’s official! The summer holidays are over… It is high time to start playing bridge again! In the event you have had a break of course, which is obviously not the case for many bridge players. Indeed, the World Bridge Teams Championships held us spellbound through much of August!

If you have missed the event, here are the results in the main categories:

Bermuda Bowl
(Open Teams)
Gold – USA II
Silver – France
Bronze – Bulgaria
Venice Cup
(Women’s Teams)
Gold – China
Silver – England
Bronze – Sweden
d’Orsi Trophy
(Seniors Teams)
Gold – USA II
Silver – Italia
Bronze – Sweden


Also in the news…
challenge bridge game engineChallenge Argine

On Funbridge, you can already challenge your friends or random opponents. Very soon you will be able to challenge our game engine “Argine”.

Pit yourself against Funbridge AI on 5 deals! Do you think you can score better than Argine?

bridge tournaments turkish bridge federationTBF Tournaments

Official TBF (Turkish Bridge Federation) tournaments will become available on Funbridge from 2 October. They will be open to everyone and will take place every day from 8am to midnight (UTC+2).Masterpoints will be awarded to TBF members, enabling them to increase their national ranking.

claimingClaiming will be easier

The Claim feature will be improved. Not only you will be able to claim tricks in many more cases but you will also be allowed to do so at any time when it is your turn to play, i.e. both while a trick is in progress and in defence.

interview of one of the best bridge playersInterview: Meet Idar, one of the best Funbridge players!

Idar is one of the best Funbridge players. He has played an impressive number of deals and particularly enjoys Norwegian Bridge Federation tournaments. In fact, he is the player who has earned the highest number of Masterpoints since the beginning of the year!He has agreed to answer a few questions. Click here to read the full interview on the Funbridge blog

Article by Jérôme Rombaut, professional bridge playerThe article by Jérôme Rombaut

Every month read a new article written by Jérôme Rombaut and published in the magazine “Le Bridgeur”.

Mr Scrooge: “Losing a trick to win more (or make the right moves). That is what this deal played on Funbridge is all about this month.” Read the full article

Enjoy playing tournaments on Funbridge!