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Many of you have already challenged our artificial intelligence Argine since the game mode “Challenge Argine” was released last month (Click the “Challenge a player” button and “Challenge Argine” from the home screen to access it).

At the time of writing, Argine has been challenged 208,278 times by nearly 17,000 players!

Here are Argine’s results:



And also…
GOTO Bridge 18, coming soon to PC, Mac, tabletsGOTO Bridge 18, coming soon to PC, Mac and tablets

For the very first time GOTO Bridge 18, the well-known bridge learning software developed by the Funbridge Team, will be soon available on Mac, iPad and Android tablets.

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Bridge dictionary, glossaryDictionnaire du bridge

Want to know everything there is to know about the terminology used at bridge tables? You should look at our dictionary here!

Get the definition of over 100 technical bridge terms!

Festival International de Bridge de Paris3rd edition of the Paris International Bridge Festival

For the third year running, Funbridge will be the official sponsor of the Paris Country Club International Bridge Festival organised by Philippe Soulet and Claude Katan. The festival will be held 25-31 October 2017.

Click here for more information and entries.

Jeunes norvégiensYoung Norwegians taking part in the Lyon World Bridge Championships

As you may recall, in our July newsletter, we told you about 12 young Norwegians participating in the Lyon World Bridge Championships. The Norwegian Bridge Federation used the income from the NBF tournaments held on Funbridge in May to sponsor them.

They kindly gave us their permission to share the article they wrote about the event. You can find a partial translation on our blog: Read article

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