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With two new game modes released over the last two months, namely “commented tournaments” and “face the elites“, activity on Funbridge is in full swing.

A free introductory module to bridge has also been developed in partnership with the Swedish Bridge Federation, allowing you to review the basics of bridge and assess your level thanks to numerous exercises. Please note that this game mode is exclusively reserved for Swedish players but it should progressively become available in other languages.

Lastly, we would like to inform people playing on PC only that we are currently working on upgrading the software so that they will soon be able to enjoy the latest innovations too. This upcoming version will even be compatible with Windows Phone!

img1_enCommented tournaments

Released in early July, this new game mode allows you to learn and progress thanks to advice given by bridge experts.

If you have not tried it out yet, go ahead! The first tournament is free! Enjoy it!

img5_enPresentation of Argine

On Funbridge, you play with a partner and against virtual opponents, i.e. robots, controlled by “Argine”. They have been named after the club queen found on French playing cards.

We have decided to introduce Argine to you in detail on our website. You will find information about her skills, how she plays (bidding and card play) and her distinctive characteristics. Read more here

img2Jérôme Rombaut crowned European Champion

As you may know, France won the European Bridge Team Championships in Budapest.
Jérôme Rombaut, member of France Open Team and GOTO Games* (the software company behind Funbridge and GOTO Bridge) Deputy CEO tells us about this bridge marathon: read the article.

img3A new article by Jérôme

Every month read a new article written by Jérôme Rombaut and published in the magazine “Le Bridgeur”. This one dates from March 2015 and can be found on the blog:

Bids from Belgium: “Funbridge doesn’t only focus on card play. This month you will be challenged by a slam sequence requiring some thinking.”

Read the article

img4_enThe past six months have witnessed numerous new features

(Re)discover the latest new features brought to the app since the beginning of the year through this blog article: read the article


Stay tuned to get the latest Funbridge news!

Have fun playing tournaments on Funbridge!