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The whole Funbridge team wishes you a very Happy New Year 2018! We hope that quitting bridge is not part of your (good?) resolutions and that you still enjoy the game. Because as shown on the infographic below (click on the image to open), you really made an impression last year… And we challenge you to do better next year! Ready?

Also in the news
Highlights of 2017

Several new game modes were launched and various improvements were made in 2017… 2018 should not be an exception to the rule and should see the release of many new features!

But before that, let’s take a look back at the highlights of the past year. Find out more on the Funbridge blog.

Funbridge Live Event
France Kids vs France Youngsters

On Friday 19 January, France Kids team (U16) will be playing reigning World Champion France Youngsters team (U21).

Don’t miss the broadcast of this exceptional friendly match on Funbridge Live!

Come and join us on Funbridge at 20:45 (UTC+01:00). Just click on the TV icon that can be found on the main screen of the app.

Funbridge Points

You will soon be given the opportunity to earn Funbridge Points on Funbridge. You will be awarded Funbridge Points every time you complete a federation tournament or one of the “Funbridge Points tournaments” (coming soon).

They will enable you to join one of the new rankings and see how you compare to the whole community of players (see next paragraph).

New Rankings

New rankings will soon become available on Funbridge. You will be able to access them via the main screen of the app and get ranked quickly among the whole community.

You will be ranked according to: the number of Funbridge Points won, your series, your average performance and the challenges won vs other players and Argine. A ranking list based on average performances per country will also become available.

The month’s deal with the EBU

Since September, the English Bridge Union and Funbridge have become partners to host federation tournaments every weekend on the Funbridge app.

Funbridge also publishes an article featuring a particularly interesting deal from one of these tournaments in the EBU official bridge magazine. We would like to thank the EBU for kindly authorising us to share the article with all Funbridge players. Click here to read the article.


Bons tournois et bon amusement sur Funbridge !