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The 2017 World Teams Championships are in full swing in Lyon! Only a few teams are still vying for the much-coveted title of World Champion.

The teams who qualified for the semi-finals in their respective categories are:

Bermuda Bowl
(Open Teams)
France vs. New Zealand
USA2 vs. Bulgaria
Venice Cup
(Women’s Teams)
Sweden vs. England
Poland vs. China
d’Orsi Trophy
(Seniors Teams)
USA2 vs. Sweden
Italy vs. India

Follow the event with Funbridge Live!

We have experienced some technical difficulties while broadcasting the first matches but they are now fixed and you can follow your favourite teams without a hitch. To do so, click the Live button (TV icon) on the home page of your app (also available on PC, just make sure you update your version).

Find the pictures of the event on Facebook and Instagram!

Other news
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EBU online competitions with Funbridge start on 2nd September. These tournaments are open to everyone and will take place every Saturday and Sunday from midnight to 10pm (UTC+2).

Master Points will be awarded to EBU members who have an EBU number, giving them the opportunity to improve their federation rank.

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