Wheel of Fortune Tournament: wind up with pockets full of Diamonds on 11 November!

Mark your calendars for Saturday 11 November and enter an exceptional Funbridge Points tournament. You could win lots of Diamonds

Triple your bet!

Participate in the Wheel of Fortune Tournament to get your pockets full of Diamonds: each edition comes with unique opportunites to try to win the jackpot! 💪

On 11 November, only your bridge skills matter! Score at least 60% at the end of the tournament and your account will be credited with three times the amount of your entry fee, that is 150 Diamonds! 😱

11 November Tournament Details

10-deal Funbridge Points tournament scored by MPs.

From 11 November 06:00 (UTC +1) to 12 November 06:00.

The entry fee is 50 Diamonds.

“We are delighted to run special Funbridge Points tournament!
This is the perfect opportunity to give your best and aim for 60% to get a chance of hitting the jackpot. But remember, what counts is having fun!
Join the tournament and enjoy every moment of it! Good luck to all participants.”

Justine Mouille
Justine Mouille
Event Manager

Enjoy the tournament and good luck!

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