What happened on Funbridge in May? Find out more here!

Ever wanted to see how you compare to a bridge champion?

Mark your calendars! Join us and play Funbridge tournament of the day (MP – Europe zone) on Thursday 24th May! Christophe Grosset (2009 European Champion & 2010 Vice World Champion) and Milan Macura (2009 Junior World Champion) will be participating too.

After the tournament, they will be giving a debrief about how to play it deal by deal in two videos that we will certainly share with you on the Funbridge blog and our Facebook page.

And also…

Challenges against Argine: new episodes now available

You may not be aware of it, but every week Milan Macura (Junior World Champion) films his challenges against our AI “Argine”.

His videos will help you better understand how the app works and allow you to progress. They can be found on our blog.

Click here to watch the three videos available.

Interview of a champion: Giorgio Duboin (Team Italy)
Giorgio Duboin (multiple World and European Champion) has been running practice sessions for France for several years. This year, on the eve of the European Championships in Ostend, he kindly accepted to answer Jérôme Rombaut’s questions.

Click here to watch the interview and find out more about the latest practice session.


Squeeze and hold-up play, your new friends

Last month we introduced bridge player and blogger Adrien Rahier to you via the article How to count a hand in bridge.

This month he tells us about two manoeuvres that are particularly useful in bridge: “hold-up play” and “squeeze”.

Click here to read more (article illustrated by a deal from Funbridge) on the blog.

The deal explained by Christophe Grosset

On top of being European and Vice World Champion, Christophe Grosset also writes a column in the English Bridge Union magazine in which he analyses deals he plays on Funbridge.

Click here to read his latest article “Face the Elites” on the blog.


Have fun playing tournaments!