Update Funbridge PC (from 1 July)

Hello everyone,

Featured on the Funbridge blog: Funbridge PC update. This version will be available on 1 July 2013.

This update will be automatically displayed in your Funbridge software. If the automatic update does not seem to work, visit the www.funbridge.com website, download and install the available version on the site.

This update includes:

– The Argine deployment, the new game engine, on all Funbridge Tournaments,
– Implementation of a handicap for all.

As you can see, only good news! Have a pleasant reading!

The Funbridge PC update

On July 1, 2013, we will propose an update of Funbridge for PC. This update will be mandatory and will include two main features:


In this new version, the game engine Argine will replace the current game engine on all Funbridge tournaments.

Argine, that has been in test on some open tournaments for almost a year, was designed to be as close as possible to human behavior at the table.

Other enhancements in Argine: it has a help at the table (accessible by hovering the mouse pointer on the bid cards), very explicit, making it easy to understand and is highly scalable. Indeed, as you can see, it will be regularly updated based on feedbacks we get from players.

This Argine deployment will come with bidding conventions with different settings: beginner, intermediate, and competition. And you will always be able to completely edit the convention you want to use.

We hope you’ll have fun with this new partner.

The handicap

We already mentioned it in a newsletter earlier this year; we will establish a handicap on Funbridge for beginners to compete with the best.

This handicap will only be available on the Daily tournaments at first. You will be able to select, when the tournament begins and at any time, if you want to display the ranking with handicap (net) or without handicap (gross).

The handicap is a value, positive or negative, to reflect the level of a player. If a player is considered strong, his handicap will be negative, and if a player is considered weak, his handicap will be large and positive.

The value of your handicap will be available from the “Ranking” tab of your profile.

We talk about gross ranking when we do not take account of handicap, and net ranking when handicap is taken into account. You can choose at the beginning of the tournament if you want to display a ranking with handicap (net) or without handicap (gross).

In net ranking, we add the player’s handicap to his score.


Jerome gets a 60% gross score and Peter gets a 50% gross score.
With a handicap of – 12 for Jerome and +6 for Peter, Peter would win against Jerome.
The final scores are 48% net for Jerome and 56% net for Pierre.
The handicap principle is simple:

The calculation is based on the last 500 deals.

The handicap calculation is based on the last 500 deals played.

Your handicap starts at 0. Each hand played on Funbridge, except training will impact your handicap. For each played hand, two values are taken into account for the handicap calculation: the players level (handicap) that played the hand and the gross percentage obtained on the hand. Your handicap is the average of each handicap obtained from the last 500 hands played.

For more information on the handicap calculation, please visit the FAQ by following this link:
FAQ handicap

Have fun on Funbridge!


The Funbridge Team.