Update: challenge Argine, our game engine!

Update: challenge Argine, our bridge game engine!

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An updated version of your app is now available. You are already familiar with challenges against friends and random players. Discover our brand-new feature now…

Challenges against Argine, our game engine!

The rules remain unchanged:
5 deals
To play per tournament
3 days
To play your challenge
Scoring system


At the time of writing, Argine has already been challenged over XXX times since the game mode was launched yesterday! Its winning, losing and draw percentages are respectively 78%, 19% and 3%! And you, will you manage to score better than Argine?


Replay the deals of each challenge completed.

Discover Argine

You want to know everything about our bridge game engine and how it plays? Click here to find out more.

We hope that you will enjoy this new game mode. To access it, just click the “Challenge a player” button from the home screen of the app, then click “Challenge Argine”.