Update of your application: discover the new features


A new version of your FunBridge application is available! To install it, go to the App Store or Google Play or just click one of the following buttons (from your smartphone, tablet or Mac):

bt_ios_en bt_mac_en bt_android_en


Challenge mode:
– Improved ergonomics and display of the Challenge mode: the players you most often play with are now displayed at the top of the list.

Replay a deal:
– “Replay” button added to the sidebar. You can directly replay the deal that you have chosen to watch again thanks to this button.
– You can now access the pop-up window with bidding tips by clicking the bidding cards.

Series tournaments:
– You can now directly access the archives of your series tournaments from the game mode home window.

Game table:
– STOP: you can now click on the STOP card to display its meaning. Reminder: STOP is displayed to show a skip bid.

Display in rankings:
– When a player has started the first deal of a tournament but has not completed it, “not played” is now displayed in the tournament ranking.

Bidding phase:
– Improved way of bidding: quicker bidding selection (2 steps instead of 3).

Have fun playing tournaments on FunBridge!