Two Spice Recipe

Two-spice recipe

Technique, psychology and imagination are the main ingredients of a successful bridge recipe. Two spices perfume these tasty morsels. To be savoured without moderation.

A sure thing

La Doyenne picks up the following rather exciting collection: Both vulnerable, Dealer South.

“I like this hand”, thinks La Doyenne. “It’s always good to be dealt the Spade suit. Now, am I too good to open 4♠?” The answer is probably yes, but it is always worth considering the alternatives. It is not really on to open this hand type 2♣ • (in fact that is illegal
in some countries, for example England where you need at least 16HCP or 12+HCP with five or more controls), but if I open 1♠ and partner bids, say, 1NT, I can’t do much except rebid 4♠, so I might as well start there. If my opponents bid I can double to suggest partner bids on. So, La Doyenne opens 4♠ and everyone passes.


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