Pyramids tournament: who will get to the top?

The pyramids tournament

Join us on Monday 29 January at 18:00 (UTC +1:00) for our new event, the Pyramids Tournament! On the programme: 5 pyramids, 5 knockout tournaments, accessible according to your level. 💪

Who will reach the top of our pyramids? Who will emerge with their pockets full of Diamonds? Join the adventure and find out.

Pre-registration is required!

How it works?

  • 5 knockout tournaments, each represented by a pyramid (Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Crystal).
  • Access to the pyramids is by level (determined by your Average Performance).
Gem Pyramid

Mastery Pyramid

Average performance >55%
24 deals
60 Diamonds ♦️

Gold Pyramid

Wisdom Pyramid

Average performance of 52.5-55%
20 deals
50 Diamonds ♦️

Silver Pyramid

Loyalty Pyramid

Average performance of 50-52.5%
16 deals
40 Diamonds ♦️

Bronze Pyramid

Initiation Pyramid

Average performance of 45-50%
12 deals
30 Diamonds ♦️

Iron Pyramid

Dedication Pyramid

Average performance <45%
8 deals
20 Diamonds ♦️

Within each pyramid, you play 1-on-1 matches. The winner qualifies for the next round. For each match, you have 48 hours to play your deals.

Treasures to recover

Each pyramid is filled with Diamonds just waiting for you! Set off on an exploration, take on your opponents and walk away with your rewards!


How to participate?

Remember: access to the pyramids depends on your average performance. In other words, you cannot enter each of the 5 pyramids and take part in all 5 tournaments. Only the one reserved for you will be accessible.

Don’t know your average performance? Simply go to your profile by clicking on your photo from the home screen. Once you know it, register straight away so you don’t miss out on exploring your pyramid.

Play on 29 January at 18:00 (UTC +1:00) for the big departure, heading for adventure!

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