The Biggest Online Bridge Tournament: THE event of the year!

Mark your calendars for 12 December (Paris time UTC+1) and come help us give birth to the biggest online bridge tournament ever held!

The Biggest Online Bridge Tournament

This tournament scored by MPs will be run both on Funbridge and BBO (20 deals on each platform). The overall rankings will be made available to you by email in the days following the event and will include results from Funbridge and BBO.

Register now on the Funbridge app! Go to:

Play a tournament > Federation Tournaments > Funbridge Points > The Biggest Online Bridge Tournament

Diamonds♦️ to win for everyone!

For this event, we offer 1 Diamond♦ ️ to every player per 1000 participants on Funbridge! Just to give you an idea:

10,000 players = 10 Diamonds♦️ for you
20,000 players = 20 Diamonds♦️ for you
30,000 players = 30 Diamonds♦️ for you
…and so on! 😱

As you will have understood, the more players attend the event on Funbridge, the more Diamonds♦️ you will win, whatever your ranking.

There is only one requirement: you have to achieve a score above 0% in the tournament on Funbridge.

And that’s not all…

Top players of the tournament on Funbridge will get hundreds of extra Diamonds♦️:

🥇1st : 300 Diamonds♦️

🥈2nd : 200 Diamonds♦️

🥉3rd : 100 Diamonds♦️

4th-10th: 50 Diamonds♦️

Players achieving scores closest to 70%/60%/50%/40% thresholds (without exceeding them): 50 Diamonds♦️

Share the information now and get Diamonds♦️!

This Biggest Bridge Online Tournament is your golden opportunity to earn many Diamonds♦, so spread the word on social networks and invite your bridge friends now!