The art of not touching it

Bridge article step by step

South dealer, All Vul.

(1) Four-card fit, 13 points or more (distribution included), without a good five-card suit.
(2) Jump on the brakes, in this context.

Lead: Ace of hearts, followed by the king (the ten and the three from East), then the queen, which you ruff when East discards the diamond two.

Do you see a way to get an additional trick thanks to a ruff?

Yes, when you ruff the third diamond with a trump in the North hand, the short side.

Which supplementary chance of getting a trick to you have?

The finesse against the club queen with East. Unfortunately, if it fails, you must not lose a trick to the trump queen:

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How does one usually solve this problem? What should you do? Norbert Lébely answers these questions and much more in the rest of the article.