Team Championship: Beginning of quarter 4.

Dear all,

The 2013 team championship third quarter just ended. Congratulations to the top four teams which are qualified for the end year finals:

– pologne hurepoix 1,
– Just for fun,
– Les cartophiles.

They join the eight already qualified teams :

Qualified of the 1st Quarter : NormaleCidade Invictales journalistes, et Valence
Qualified of the 2nd Quarter : Le club des cinqLes requinsPoland5, et Bridge Poker team

We can start the fourth quarter of this championship. We hope you are still motivated, I remind you that this quarter is your last chance to be part of the finals!

logo_team_championship2013_en. jpg

The championship fourth quarter will begin on October, 4th . You have until this date to:

– Create your team if it is not yet.
– Manage your team if you want make substitutions.
– Discover the detailed rules of this fourth round.

– 20 deals Tournaments
– Argine : the new game engine
– Rounds with an IMP ranking
– The distribution of players in tournaments will be based on the handicap of each.

Reminder : the team championship, how it works:

– Teams are made up of 5 players
– Every week until the end of the year, each team member will play a dedicated open tournament (diferent from his team-mates’ ones)
– The rank of each member of a team in his tournament will be converted into points
– The sum of the points scored by each team member every week will allow to rank the teams.
– The 2013 team championship is divided into four rounds, one per quarter
– The four winning teams (one per quarter) will compete at the end of the year to identify the best 2013 team.
– At the end of 2013, we’ll know the 16 qualified teams.

All the details about this team championship on our website.

We wish you good tournaments and a lot of fun on Funbridge.