[SPECIAL OFFER] Get ready to return to bridge with GOTO Bridge XV!


With the end of the summer break approaching, we are happy to offer you a US$20 discount on the latest GOTO Bridge XV to help you get ready for the new bridge season and hold all the cards!

This discount applies to the download version of GOTO Bridge XV. Download and play bridge within minutes after receiving your order confirmation!

Discover the new features behind the success story of this 2015 edition!
Indeed, GOTO Bridge XV has convinced nearly 6,000 players:

New “correction” game mode: GOTO Bridge suggests corrections to your bidding. At the end of the deal, the software points out your card play mistakes and shows you the cards that you should have played to take more tricks.
Latest version of the famous “Argine” game engine
New lessons (on bidding and card play) with exercises
Redesigned interface
1,000 new deals with immediate comparison
– Replay the deals of the 2014 European Championships (Opatija, Croatia) and pit yourself against the best players
Challenge the best French players to duels

Click on this link to find out more about the new features of GOTO Bridge XV.

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Offer valid:
– Until 31 August 2015,
– For any purchase of the “download” version: US$69.00 instead of US$89.00, available immediately (59.90€ instead of 79.90€).

How to get your discount?
Click on the button below (or enter the discount code GOTO20 in the field provided on our website when you order) to get your US$20 discount.


GOTO Bridge XV is only available for computers running Windows operating system.
GOTO Bridge XV is compatible with the new Windows 10.