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Your Premium+ advantages at a glance

Exclusive features that will help you progress

  • Unlimited access to a library of several hundred preset deals, named “Commented deals”
  • Advanced deal analysis: identify your improvement areas

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  • Subscription to Bridgerama+, the magazine that improves your game
  • Special content (access restricted to Premium+ subscribers) available on the Funbridge blog: bridge lessons and exercises, videos, news…

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  • 15% discount on packs of Diamonds all year round: take part in major events and save money
  • Your support requests are given priority treatment by our customer service
  • Take an active part in the evolution of Funbridge via thematic surveys and discover our new features in preview!

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  1. Where are the “commented deals” ???
    They are NOT in the get started practice area as advertised. This is annoying.

    • Hi Paul, I see that your iOS app has not yet been updated to the latest version, which is why you are not seeing the commented deals. Try to open the app store and manually update your app to test this new mode as soon as possible!

    • Hi Brian, You should see the Kiosk button on the “Your account” page on the website. It will guide you to the magazines you have access to.

    • Hi Julien. When I click on “Kiosk,” I can get to a page containing the June 2022 issue. However, when I click on the issue, it then takes me to a page where I can subscribe to the magazine. I can’t read the magazine, though. I thought Premium+ already included the magazine subscription. Thanks again for your help.

  2. The Commented Deals are great. I hope more are added over time.

    It would be good if the the after-game analysis of our cardplay mistakes was also available in the individual Challenges, and not just tournaments.

    • I was going to ask where the after game analysis was, but I see from your comment that they are only available from tournaments. As I have to pay again to take part in tournaments they are not really me from the subscription alone. I read the article Progress at bridge with our artificial intelligence, but I don’t seem to get any of that content as far as I can see, Commented deals are fine but I can get the same thing from BridgeBase online for free. The articles I have read were incomprehensible to me, it would be nice if they were more interactive, as to be honest I have plenty of articles I could read for free but I do not find them easily accessible. I am struggling at the moment to find a reason to continue with my subscription.

    • Thank you Peter! Yes we have a lot more commented deals to add, we are currently reviewing them. Stay tuned!

      About the game analysis: unfortunately you’re right, it is not available in 1v1 Challenges. Simply because in this game mode we don’t offer the same end of deal window… It’s a legacy of the past but we are planning to make a small graphical redesign of this very popular game mode, especially to integrate the analysis as you suggest. I can’t give you a deadline but we are working on it!

  3. Hello,
    I think the « minor mistake » in the card analysis could be improved. For ex it considers a 50/50 finesse failed as a mistake when, at that stage, it isn’t yet possible to improve the probability.

  4. I am quite satisfied with praemium + but I think that a great feature should be to have the possibility to save deals and to give them tags
    It should be the same as for commented deals with the possibility to find them again very quickly

    • This is definitely something we will be working on Jean-Michel! You’re not the first to ask so we already started the preliminary work and hope the new feature will meet your needs. Thanks!

  5. It would be good to be able to compare trick lists directly to see the differences between your play and that of another player/Argine. Also to gather all of the Premier+ material in one place so that it is easier to access, instead of having to go here and there to find it. Most of all access from the Android app.

    • Thanks for your suggestions Jon, well noted. About availability on the Android app: our developer is working hard to make it happen, I think it’s safe to say it will be available in early August.

    • Hi Jon,
      Premium+ is now available on Android devices! We hope you’ll enjoy the new features such as the commented deals and the advanced deal analysis.
      Best regards,
      Jonathan – Team Funbridge.

  6. The cardplay mistakes analysis, I think, is based on double-dummy, which lists finesse mistakes based on perfect knowledge of all the cards. Perhaps it would be more useful based on what Argine would have played, which is often different to double-dummy, and would be more indicative of what a reasonably good player would have done based on knowledge of the cards played, and not knowing the full layout.

    • Yes Peter you’re totally right. Analysis is based on double-dummy and is therefore a bit biased. Your suggestion to base it on Argine’s game is interesting. Maybe it could be a nice complement. Duly noted.

  7. add the card layout , after the played game, as it is done in commented deals. not very convenient to go back and look.I want to see all cards in one peacture

    • Interesting! Thank you for the suggestion Nikita, we’ll think about it for the next update of the end of deal screen.

  8. I am enjoying the Premium+ subscription. One thing I would like is if the Commented Deals would offer the option to suggest the next play (like it does if you relay a regular deal). Please consider this.

    Kind regards, Craig

  9. I just don’t see how Premium+ is worth such a big increase in the subscription. $8.99 to $22.19. This is a 250% increase. Seriously?

  10. How do I continue the same commented deal if I get pulled away? It appears to reset if anything interrupts the app.

    • Hi Jim, you’re right, if anything interrupts you it’s very hard to continue your deal unless you delibaretely chose it from the “Filter” menu and remember its exact number. Sorry about that, there’s no other way to say it: we messed up :/ We will work on fixing this behaviour as soon as possible.

  11. one more asking.After playing the deal, when i go to “watch again” , in the “tricks list” section there are numbers of tricks, I want to click on the number of the trick and immediately go to it, because when u watch mistake section , it is not very easy to understand whats went wrong

    • Good suggestion Nikita, we’ll try to do that when we work again on the results page and the bridge table. Thanks.

  12. Can we get an alternative commentary for MP play? It appears that some deals would be played differently if playing for MP.

  13. Hi,
    -I am also have trouble to find the bridgerama magazine

    -in commented deals there should be added deals played in real life half of the boards we play in defence

  14. I have had difficulty in navigating to the Premium + content and now see after reading the above comments, that the commented deals are specially selected deals and does not cover other deals that I have played. Which is what I thought I would be getting for the higher subscription. I can see that it would be difficult to include current Tournament deals but why not Practice deals? I feel dissapointed in what I get for the additional subscription and will revert to my Premium subscription unless someone can show me how to get more out of Premium +.

  15. Hi. You probably answered this already– but where are the comments for the commented deals? I played (solo) and there were no comments. thanks

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