Part 3: The Invincible Zia tournament analysis – March

Named ACBL player of the year many times,world champion and member of the Hall of Fame, Zia Mahmood gives you a hard time every month during Funbridge Points Tournament!

Discover 3 deals analysed by Zia Mahmood from his March tournament.

Board 1 : You can fool a robot

S  A 7 6
H  K Q 10
D  Q J 6
C  A 9 7 2
S  5
H  A 8 6 5 2
D  A 8 2
C  K 10 6 4
orientation S K Q 10 9 3 2
H J 7 3
D 7 5
C 5 3
S J 8 4
H 9 4
D K 10 9 4 3
C  Q J 8
West North East South (Zia)

Contract: 2♥ doubled by West. Lead: ♦ Q

West, who might have opened the bidding, reopened it after my partner’s strong no trump came round. I re-re-opened, so to speak, with a takeout double – who knew who could make what, but our side had the balance of points so at the vulnerability I couldn’t just pass and take 50 a trick against 2♥.

Indeed, if 1NT had been passed out we’d have taken about nine tricks after East’s obvious but unfortunate spade lead. Against 2♥ doubled we had six obvious tricks – a spade, two hearts, a diamond, and two clubs. We badly needed a seventh.

Partner kicked off with the Queen of diamonds and I overtook with the King. From my point of view things looked desperate – I needed to play both clubs and trumps through declarer, and diamonds were my only entries. West won the first trick and, instead of putting the pressure on by playing a spade, continued with a second diamond. I could win that and shift to the Queen of clubs, covered by the King and Ace.

Partner played a club to my Jack and I played a trump. West put the Ace on that, ruffed a diamond, and played a heart. If declarer’s last club was the nine, we were going to score indifferently for plus 100, but when partner had that card our combined efforts yielded 300 and a top. I mentally gave North a high five. It may have reciprocated with a high 101.

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