Part 2: The Invincible Zia tournament analysis – March

Named ACBL player of the year many times,world champion and member of the Hall of Fame, Zia Mahmood gives you a hard time every month during Funbridge Points Tournament!

Discover 3 deals analysed by Zia Mahmood from his March tournament.

Board 9 : You can fool a robot

S  4 3
H  A Q 10 6 5 4
D  A 10 2
C   6 5
S  K 10 9 8 5 2
H  J 9 7
D  9 8 5
C  K
orientation S A J 7 6
H K 2
D K J 7 4
C A J 7
H 8 3
D Q 6 3
C  Q 10 9 8 4 3 2
West North East South (Zia)

Contract: 4♠ doubled by South. Lead: ♣ 8

North made a rather strange pass as dealer – maybe it thought it was too strong for a two-bid and not strong enough for a one-bid. East opened a routine 1NT with its 17-point maximum, and I decided to see whether the electronic brains could handle interference. A 2♣ overcall would be conventional, but even if it would not I wanted to take away bidding space, so I tried a natural 3♣.

This didn’t inconvenience West greatly – it bid its six-card major and was raised to game by East. But now the chickens came home to roost – North was deceived into thinking I had something for my bid, so it doubled the final contract.

Of course, there was no defence – we came to the Ace of hearts and a couple of diamonds in the fulness of time, but that was still 590 in the minus column. I was expecting a complete zero for this, but I actually registered an 11% board. Maybe some other Souths had failed to recognise that a robot partner, unlike a human, will always take you at your word.

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