Overcalls in the sandwich seat after a minor opening and the response of 1NT


The aim of this article is to relay the work of bridge experts/researchers and to give you my version. On the menu, sandwich overcalls after a minor opening and a response of 1NT.

The situation:

Deal 1

Sandwich seat overcalls are quite dangerous when the opponents don’t have a fit. You are more likely not to have one either. For these types of overcalls, it is therefore advisable to only make them if you have a hand with a good distribution (one-suiter, two-suiter, three-suiter, but not a balanced hand).

1- The classic system and its disadvantages

The classic system consists in bidding your suits naturally. Everything is natural except for the cue-bid, which describes a major two-suiter 5-5 (or even 5-4). This system has a big disadvantage, namely that you have to decide alone – most of the time – in which suit you are going to play. See what types of problems you may be facing:

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