New emails of game report

Emails of game report, what is it?
There is currently 2 kind of game report on Funbridge:
The intermediate reports: you receive this email each 10 series tournaments played. It shows your current ranking in the period and your scores on the last 10 tournaments.
The end of period reports: this email is sent the 1st and the 16th of each month. It shows your final ranking in your serie in the period and your evolution in series.

We are proud to present you in preview the new game reports emails. Prettier, more clear, you will find now relevant information more easily: your evolution in the series and the podium of this one.

And because a picture is better a thousand words, here is what they look like now:

Tomorrow in your inbox! (If you find there any problem, please let us know!)

We are also working on an email for the dailyy tournament game report.. It will be sent the aftermath of those days when you played one of these tournaments.

We remind you that you can choose to stop receiving these emails from your account from the Funbridge website, in your Account, Game Report here: