Meet Vanessa Réess, your next opponent…

Meet top bridge player Vanessa Réess, your next opponent in the Funbridge Points tournament held on 8 August.

How did you get into bridge?  

My parents and grandparents used to play bridge. On a rainy day, my mother offered to teach me the basics and took me to the club to play a tournament. And we won (my mum was by far the best player in the room). That’s how I started playing bridge.

What’s your national ranking? 


What’s your playing record? 

2005 & 2015 World Champion – Women Teams, European silver medallist in the same category, four-time winner of the Coupe de France, French Champion – Women Teams, double world silver medallist – Mixed Teams. 

What’s your best bridge memory? 

I’ve got a few but the strongest memory is Sanremo in 2009. We finished second at the European Championships – Mixed Teams whereas we were not meant to achieve such a performance.

Which achievement are you most proud of? 

Our victory at the World Championships – Women Teams in Chennai in 2015.  

What’s your favourite game mode on Funbridge? 

Team Championship and series tournaments.

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