March Bidding Contest

Bidding Contest

A new bidding contest is waiting for you! Are you ready to take the challenge?

The principle

  • This bidding contest is open to Premium and Premium+ subscribers.
  • Lionel Sebbane shows you 6 deals, then you have to find the best bid for each of them.
  • Validate your answers before March 20, 2023.

Attention, in case of several participations, only your first answer will be taken into account.

See you then on March 22 for the results… and the awards!

  • All participants in the March bidding will be awarded 10 Diamonds, regardless of their score
  • The 10 players with the highest score at the end of the contest will win many extra Diamonds: 100 Diamonds for Premium subscribers, or 1 000 Diamonds for Premium+ subscribers!

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