Lucky Days: congratulations to the winners!


Lucky Days are over … 😢

On Friday 13 March, 10 lucky people were drawn by lot among the purchasers of Diamonds between 10-12 March. Funbridge has multiplied the Diamonds they purchased!

Thousands of Diamonds have been offered!

The lucky people drawn by lot have each won between 500 and… 10,000 Diamonds! What a nice surprise isn’t it?

Some lucky people have also expressed their joy:

“I like to play bridge on Funbridge and obviously I like to win, even if it’s luck. But what luck! I won a lot of ‘Diamonds’ to play even more bridge on Funbridge! Thanks for having Funbridge!”

“Thanks a lot! This was really a surprise. I have just noticed that I use a lot of diamonds so I thought I should buy a bunch when the offer was on! Lucky me, I got twice as much in the end! The Fun bridge application is getting better and better. Good to use the app to practice bridge in these corona times. Keep up the good work and add more bidding conventions and systems.”

“Thank you so much for these 3,000 diamonds !!!”

“Thanks for this good news”

What did you think of Lucky Days?

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Team Funbridge.