Friday 13 May: Lucky Day Tournament

Lucky Day Tournament

Friday the 13th is a lucky day! On that occasion, there will be a special Funbridge Points tournament of 10 deals scored by MPs. Mark your calendars for Friday 13 May 06:00 (UTC +1) to provoke luck and try to win the prizes that are up for grabs.


There are several ways of getting a prize.

🏆 Step onto the podium


Excel yourself and receive one of the prizes below:

1st: 150 Diamonds
2nd: 100 Diamonds
3rd: 50 Diamonds

Because Friday the 13th is not an ordinary day, a special prize of 25 Diamonds will be awarded to the player ranking 13th.

🎯 Be lucky and aim accurately

Be lucky

Be as accurate as possible and try to reach an average score that is the closest to 40%, 50%, 60% or 70% – but don’t exceed these thresholds – and get 25 Diamonds.

🤫 Be drawn by lot

Be drawn

On the occasion of Friday 13 May, 13 players will be drawn by lot after the tournament and will receive 25 Diamonds.

How to participate in the tournament

The entry fee for this tournament is 20 Diamonds.Click just here to register now:

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