“Friday the 13th” Tournament: Try Your Luck!

Friday the 13th is a lucky day! To mark the occasion, Funbridge is running a 10-board Funbridge Points tournament scored by MPs. Mark your calendars for Friday 13 January 6am (UTC +1) to create your own luck and try to win the prizes that are up for grabs. Be aware that this tournament will last 24 hours only!

The prizes to be won

You have several ways of winning prizes.

Climb up the top steps of the podium

Excel yourself and get one of the prizes below:

1st: 200 Diamonds
2nd: 150 Diamonds
3rd: 100 Diamonds

13 ème : 50 Diamonds

Be precise

Aim for the most precise score possible! The players with average scores closest to 40, 50, 60 and 70% (without exceeding these thresholds) will be awarded 25 Diamonds.

Be selected at random

To celebrate Friday the 13th, we will award 25 Diamonds to 13 players chosen at random from among the participants after the tournament.

Because Friday the 13th is no ordinary day, the player ranked 13th will receive a special prize of 50 Diamonds.

The entry fee for this tournament is 20 Diamonds. Registration is already open.